Version update 1.2!

Hi all! This update went live for the WebGL online build a good 4 months ago, but I didn't have the time to make an announcement at that time. Back on fixing up the game now and am currently working on a version 1.3 with even more tweaks, fixes, and more content that matches the original Pac-Man game's mechanics! Apologies though that there isn't a PC build version of the v1.2 update. Both a WebGL and PC Build will be released with the upcoming v1.3 update though, so look out for that!

v1.2 Change Log:

+Added new and improved movement control system with a 2-layered input queueing system for better "I swear I pressed to go around that corner!" recognition.
+Added UI to display the current level. The game now has 99 levels! Not that I imagine anyone will get there, but it's doable! Upon completing level 99, the high score is saved and you restart at level 1.

v1.2 Bug Fixes:

*Fixed high score saving to actually load in the hi-score value into memory, not just the text UI at the beginning of the game! <-- Main reason I got the v1.2 update out ASAP 4 months ago this a post to go with, as was a very critical issue that needed fixing.
*Fixed loki from losing a life every time you completed a round... which meant you couldn't get past level 3 even without losing any lives... Sorry about that!
*Fixed a bug that occurred when pausing the game whilst transitioning between death or rounds.
*Brightened the colour of frightened enemies (a lighter blue) to make them clearer to see.
*Fixed frightened enemies loop to now properly pause whilst the game is paused.

Thanks for ready, and enjoy the game in your browser!


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Sep 26, 2022

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